ÇINAR BAHARAT, which started production with spices and spice-flavored products in 1979, reaches consumers with Çınar branded spice products, pastry additives, flavor-enhancing additives (Turkish meatball mixtures, vegetable seasonings, bouillons, etc.), professional combi products, and Kontat (fruit-flavored) and Çınaraltı (salep, hot chocolate) branded non-alcoholic flavored beverage powders. With over a quarter-century of experience, quality, competitive prices, and a rich portfolio, ÇINAR BAHARAT is advancing towards becoming a global brand, increasing its share in the industry. Çınar has set the stage for new palate habits to form, turning all its varieties into a pleasure for consumers. According to the results obtained from the companies we work with, ÇINAR branded products are the first choice of their customers. ÇINAR BAHARAT both contracts farmers for products that are cultivated in Turkey and directly acquires naturally harvested products (such as sumac), processing all drying, screening, and grinding processes in-house. Maintaining the status of being the leading company in Turkey that processes the widest product portfolio in its own facilities in this concept. We export to many countries worldwide, including the EU (European Union), and with our expanding product portfolio and R&D efforts, we are progressing towards becoming a strong player in the global market, maintaining our status as a global company. Not limited to just spice items, our range has expanded to include pastry additives, flavor-enhancing additives, and professional combi products (especially introducing Turkish meatballs to the global market) has made a name for itself in the world market. With each passing day, products that are in demand in global markets and have emerged as a result of our R&D efforts are introduced to the markets, and ÇINAR has succeeded in making a name for itself in the world market and continues to make its name known in new markets every day.

Our products are produced in a hygienic environment without manual contact, with standard weights in grams, offering standard flavors to both individual consumers and professional consumers with whom we partner, ensuring that consumers always have standard flavor on their tables and in their kitchens. They are produced in accordance with the TURKISH FOOD CODE and the quality management systems of TSE ISO 22000 and BRC. The meticulousness and care shown in the production process from the raw materials obtained through testing in our laboratories and accredited laboratories have been ensured to meet the expectations of customers. Just as on the first day, ÇINAR will continue to be with you to offer the best and the finest. ÇINAR is aware that there are many more products to be produced, and we continue our R&D efforts every day.